Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life with Little Boys

These are some of the things that can happen in just minutes, even seconds while you are preoccupied with something else...


Have scissors?  Will sneakily cut yarn into tiny bits.

Have kleenex?  Will wipe nose, then shred and scatter under high chair, with a gleeful laugh.

Have baby powder?  Will dump all over bathroom floor, accomplice laughing and encouraging all the while.  Then, when caught, will run, with container upside down, flinging powder across house in a giggle-filled chase with Mommy. (At least the house is now "powdery fresh")

And this, my friends, is with only two boys in the house.  Help!
My, but one cannot help but love those sweet and slightly mischievous faces...
Does anyone else out there relate?


  1. At least the powder was white. I seem to recall a couple of cute, but mischievious boys (one with dark hair and one with blonde)---sound familiar?---who really thought Nestle's Quick would be a good thing to pull down from the cupboard and eat. Enjoy these times. They go by so fast!! You are a great Mom--you make this Mom very proud.

  2. I'm with you. It's hard when they're so cute. :-)

  3. Yeah, I think you had some bad chocolate, it didn't taste at all like I had expected

  4. as i recall, it wasn't nestle's quick, it was the unsweetened hershey's baking cocoa powder.

    also, i recall it being terrible. i couldn't figure out how "chocolate powder" could possibly turn out that bad.

    also, despite what clayton tried to tell me, crisco is NOT what they put in the middle of oreo cookies.

  5. I totally relate. My two boys are also every bit the risk-taking, mischief-making boys they should be. I think I would worry about them if they weren't!

    (Besides, it really is hard to get mad when they are so adorable!)

  6. I think you are right---it was cocoa powder. I wasn't sure if you boys would remember but I see you did. Lasting impressions for all. :)