Monday, November 16, 2009

The Terrible Tempered Turkey and a Treat

For Family Home Evening, we focused on controlling our temper.  The story I used was a favorite of mine growing up, "The Turkey with the Terrible Temper".  I remember my mother telling it to the family for FHE as a child.   I found a version of our story about  the Terrible Tempered Turkey on Sugardoodle.  It is about a turkey who loses his temper, changing colors with his tempers.  (Green with envy, red with rage, etc.) At the end of the story, he learns to accept responsibility for his emotions and to control them.  Plus, he has a colorful tail to remind him to control his temper.  I used a cute clip art turkey I had on hand and xeroxed it on different colors of cardstock and laminated them.  (You can see this post for some other cute turkeys I found on the web.)  For the feathers, I hot glued colored feathers from the craft store onto clothespins to attach as the story progressed.  (FYI, if you don't have a purple or pink feather in your package of colored feathers, you can color a white one with a non-washable Crayola marker.  This worked suprisingly well.)  

After our story, we made tasty turkeys.  I decided to make it more of an open-ended activity, so I put out various snack foods that I had on hand. 

Here's what we had to use:
Fudge Stripe cookies
pull-n-peel licorice
mini M&M's
chocolate frosting (I put in a ziploc bag and snipped the tip to make a "glue bottle")
Nutter Butter minis
candy corns
Milk Duds
PEZ candies
chocolate covered pretzels

The only direction was to make a turkey.  It was so fun to see all the different turkeys, and even more fun to eat them!  Gobble, gobble!

Mr. One's Turkey (Can you tell he loves PEZ?)

Mommy's Turkey

Daddy's Turkey

Mr. Two fell asleep before he could participate.  Maybe he dreamt about tasty turkeys...

For more Thanksgiving fun, visit Sugardoodle.  There is a great list of Thanksgiving ideas if you're looking for something new, some are religious and others more secular.

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  1. Wow, those turkeys are so creative, unique and yummy. It's great that you have such a wonderful family night traditions, but the story from the post above did make me smile.