Monday, November 30, 2009

In Transition

My Handsome Husband loves getting ready for the holidays.  So do I.  After a whirlwind trip or two over the Thanksgiving break, filled with family and good food and late nights together, we were eager to usher in the Christmas season, but too tired to put away all of Thanksgiving.  I guess I'm just not ready to let go of all the pumpkin-y, fall-colored splendor.  I had so many crafty fall projects I wanted to complete, recipes to try, and activities to do with my children.  Perhaps next year I can squeeze them in.

For now, I guess we're in transition.

We will eventually put away Fall and finish Decking the Halls.

Maybe tomorrow.

However, I think I have figured out how to reconcile the sadness I feel at leaving Thanksgiving aside and embracing Christmas.  I will hang on to the gratitude and let go of the turkeys.  I will remember the Reason for the Season, and try not to get lost in the trappings of the holidays.  (I just want my home to look a bit more put together.)

So in the spirit of gratitude, here is a small list of things I am grateful for this year:

little boys, loving- dirt-encrusted- full-of-energy little boys
I love you kisses
the dustbuster (trust me, if you have little boys and travel, this is indeed a wonderful invention)
a loving husband, who thinks his wife's expanding baby belly is actually adorable
a new job for above-mentioned husband
faith and hope and the gospel
wonderful friends and family (including the great blogging ones that may be reading this right now)
Pirate's Booty (aka "Pirate Popcorn" at our house)
second-trimester energy
the opportunity to rediscover the joys of Christmas with my family
online tutorials and inspiration to make my handmade Christmas ambitions a little more achievable

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