Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nativity Book and Project

When I was listing some of my favorite Christmas books for our reading advent, I forgot one that I dearly love, Wombat Divine by Mem Fox.  It tells the story of Wombat, who desperately wants to be part of the Nativity Play.  It is difficult to find a part for this lovable little guy, but the solution is perfect.  It is sweet and simple, just like so many of her other books.

After reading, my kids love playing with our magnet Nativity to tell the story of Jesus's birth.  The magnets were super simple to make.  The pictures are actually a set of stickers* I stuck on yellow cardstock, laminated and added a magnet to the back.  My boys love playing with them on the fridge so much, we are missing a few pieces.  (I need to go on a magnet hunt!)  Hopefully, they will show up soon.

I think giving children materials to act out stories is so important.  It helps them more deeply understand their messages.  I want my children to internalize the real meaning of Christmas and to think beyond presents and getting and think of others and of the Savior during this season.

*If you can't find Nativity stickers (I googled "nativity sticker" and found bunches, especially on Oriental Trading),  you could use clip art or cut up a nice Christmas card or two to get your figures.

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  1. Thanks Diana, I looked everywhere for nativity stickers for an RS project and couldn't find any at Micheals or Joanns. I will google and see what comes. The card idea is a good one too. The magnet set I saw was with those flat glass stones and the pic glue underneath with a magnet, same figures as your.