Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Corny Post

A few corny ideas for Fall..
(even though it is now December 1st, but still officially fall...  oops, this little idea got lost in the Thanksgiving shuffle, but I thought I'd post it anyways...)

Finger Painted Indian Corn

You will need:
orange, yellow and brown paint
white construction paper
lunch sack
glue stick

Have your child cut out a pre-drawn oval corn shape out of construction paper.  Cut out two ovals using the same pattern out of the lunch sack.  Let little fingers dip into the paints and dot the construction paper oval to look like corn kernels.  After dried, glue another oval shape cut from the lunch sack onto both sides of the corn cob.

Corny math:

This activity was shared with me while I taught kindergarten several years ago.  On yellow cardstock, draw a large oval and divide it into 10 sections.  Type numbers 0-9 into the sections, in random order.  Add green cardstock leaves behind corn cob.  Laminate.  Give your child a handful of popcorn kernels and have them pick them up one at a time and add the correct number of kernels onto each section.  This not only is great one-to-one correspondence and number recognition practice, but picking up the tiny kernels is great fine motor practice as well.


  1. I liked that math activity - great and simple.

  2. You could use dice to roll and fill in the spots if you change the 0 to a 10. Fun idea. Thanks