Monday, December 21, 2009

When Life Gets Tough, Eat Frosting!

Thursday was one of those days.

Those days when you have a huge to-do list, too many activities planned, and grouchy children.

Then you have to battle with the insurance people for the one hundredth time over things that you thought were already taken care of.

Oh, and you're pregnant (and look like you are due any second, but you're so far from your due date you don't want to think about it).

So, after a whirlwind of volunteering in your son's preschool class all morning, one doctor's appointment, finishing last minute preparations for a holiday party, grocery shopping with two young boys, and crying on the phone to complete strangers out of sheer frustration, you are so done.

Handsome Husband calls to tell you he is heading home from work and you haven't started dinner.

And it isn't even 5 pm yet.

What to do?

Well, there is a bowl with a fair amount of frosting left over from the cake you just finished frosting.

Solution:  You and the boys sit on the semi-clean kitchen floor, eating frosting and graham crackers.

And double-dipping.

And just sticking a finger or two in the bowl where the cracker couldn't reach.

You even let your four year old take a few pictures.

Why not?

Afore-mentioned four year old says, mid-frosting lick, "Mommy I love you!"

Much better than the day before when Handsome Husband arrived home to everyone crying...

Sometimes life is just better with a bit of frosting.

(Want to know what cake I was making?  Here's one of my go-to recipes when I need to look like I'm a fancy baker, Orange Crunch Cake.  I substitute pecans for the walnuts, just because I like them better.)


  1. diana you are such an awesome mommy and always find fun things to do even on the bad days!!! you rock!

  2. I still get in trouble if I but the bowl in the sink before asking if anyone would like a taste or two. I'll have to try the cake recipe, looks yummy.

  3. You are a great Mom. I know it is hard sometimes but this time does go quickly and pretty soon those adorable little boys will be all grown. Keep making memories!