Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Handmade Holidays, Little Boys Edition

Last year, we had very little to spend for Christmas.  We knew we wanted our children to have gifts under the tree, so I decided to do a handmade Christmas (well, mostly handmade, since you can't really craft Cars and Hot Wheels...).  This year, I wanted to do another handmade Christmas.  We just weren't as strict about it, so I only made a few items.  I just really adore the idea of making things yourself.  I feel like it's a chance to pour love into something and create an item that is personal and unique.

Here are some of the projects I completed for my boys, ages 4 and 2.

Car Cozies:

This one was a huge hit with both of my kids.  They loved having a spot for their new Hot Wheels and a little road to drive on.

I found the tutorial here from My Little Gems.  The only thing I changed was that had their names embroidered on the outside.  (Thank you Lisa!).

*This would make a fabulous gift for a little car lover you know.

Cozy Cone:

I found this idea here, but alas, no tutorial.

Enter talented husband, who helped me create a pattern to make one myself.  This was so amazingly simple and only cost 75 cents!

Can't beat that!

Superhero cape:

Mr. One already has two of his own, but Mr. Two couldn't be left out of the fun.

Here is the tutorial that I used (Love, Love, Love this!).

Here are a few things I learned from doing three capes so far:

First, use a lightweight interfacing for the felt shapes and letters.  I used a heavy duty iron-on kind for the first two and it was very difficult to sew on, and made the cape unneccessarily stiff.  I ironed on the interfacing to the felt (make sure to trace your letter bacwards onto the interfacing, so when you cut, your letter will be facing the right way, felt side up).  I then pinned and sewed my felt symbols on to the cape using a straight stitch.

I also don't like to round the corners of the cape bottom.  I like the look of a straight edge (plus it's easier to sew...).

I bought 3/4 yard of my two colored fabrics.  This was enough material to make two capes (although the second one will have a seam down the middle).  Again, I have young boys, so you may need more fabric for an older child.

Did you do any handmade gifts for Christmas?  Feel like sharing?  I'd love for you to comment.  If you blogged about it, could you include your blog link?   I'd enjoy taking a peek.


  1. So cute! I especially love the cozy cone - what a great idea for little boys who are big Cars fans (like mine). I was lazy this year - the only things I made were edible. :) Maybe we'll start a new tradition next year.

  2. Love your car ideas, maybe for the grandboy. I made a few things. I paint with a group of ladies on Wed nights and I painted a plaque for my brother that had two cottages on it and said "in my Father's house are many mansions, I hope mine is next to yours" It really turn out nice. I also painted an old stool of my dad's. It was really worn and I painted the top with a really nice old world type toll painted flowers (sort of masculine) He loved it and couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was, of course that made me happy. I also made about 20 cards for my sister in law, all different occasions. I think you put it perfectly when you said that so much love goes in to making it. I already have some ideas for next Christmas. I have a gift for you (not homemade) that I will leave at your mom's. I forgot it before Christmas. It is something I saw and thought of your boys, so bought.

  3. nothing homemade for our house but they were all from the heart hahahaha

  4. Happy New Year! I am glad that this year you chose to do homemade gifts instead of HAVING to do them. I really liked your cozy cone - what a cute idea! We only do handmade gifts for adults, and they are calendars. My husband draws penguin comics every year and then we put them into the calendar.

  5. I didn't make anything homemade (except food) but I'm glad I have kids that do. :) They all tried to make something to give to the sibling that they drew a name for. It was so cool to see each one think about it and make something. A son made a necklace for a sister, a daughter crocheted a hat for a brother, a son made picture frames for a sister, a daughter made a cookbook for a brother, etc. The thing I loved was that each thought about the person they were giving to and used their own talents to make something to give.

  6. I made a lemon body scrub for the women in the family, but that's about if for my homemade gift talents.

    BTW, I gave you an award on my blog today so pop over and take a peek.