Friday, January 29, 2010

Penguin Books

It's no secret to those who know me well that I adore penguins.  I have a massive collection (that I have paired down over the years) that usually comes out during the holidays in full force.  We have several fun penguin books in our home, and here are some favorites.

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester
Tacky is an odd bird, but a very nice bird to have around.  See how Tacky saves his friends from some fearsome hunters who arrive at their home in Nice Icy Land.

This is my very favorite bird, maybe one of my all-time favorite children's book series.  Did you know there is a series?  There are, in fact, seven books about Tacky.  I won't summarize all of them for you, so you'll just have to take my word for it and assume they are all wonderfully fun and entertaining!  Helen Lester is a favorite author and has several delightful non-Tacky stories as well.  Here's the Tacky Stories list:

Tacky the Penguin
Three Cheers for Tacky
Tacky in Trouble
Tacky and the Emporer
Tacky and the Winter Games
Tacky Goes to Camp
*Her website says she's working on a Christmas Tacky book.  I can't wait!

Little Penguin's Tale by Audrey Wood
Nanny penguin settles her grand-penguins around her to tell the cautionary tale of a little penguin who foolishly wanders away on a wild adventure, and the consequences of his actions. 

Penguin Pete by Marcus Pfister
Penguin Pete is too small to venture for a swim in the ocean with the others, but he manages to find lots of fun while he waits, learning to ice skate and making some new friends.

(There are a few more Penguin Pete books in this series as well)

The Little Penguin by A.J. Wood

This is the story of a little penguin who gets separated from his parents as they travel to the sea.  Worried as he begins to lose his soft gray "baby" feathers, he searches for his mother and father, not realizing he is just growing into his adult feathers.  This book has sweet and reassuring text, but the real reason I love it is for the beautiful illustrations.  The pages are embossed with details to add even more depth to the pictures.

The Emporer's Egg by Martin Jenkins

This is a perfect non-fiction penguin book for younger children.  It is written in a casual, easy to understand voice with simple penguin facts.  It explains how the Emperor Penguins take care of their eggs and then the babies that hatch.

Penguins ABC by Kevin Schafer

Great alphabet book featuring penguins.  Each page has a photograph and a simple sentence using the letter and accompanying word.  For example, "D is for dive" and "M is for Macaroni Penguins."  There is also a nice list of fun facts at the end of the book for those who want to learn more about penguins- a fact to explain each letter page.

Waddle on over to your favorite library or bookstore and pick up a penguin book or two!

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  1. Link to me, link to me - LOL. Seriously, this is a great overview of penguin books. We read two Tacky stories this week and loved them. I think you would like The Penguin Story - new book from Antoinette Portis. We absolutely adored it here as well as Where Is Home Little Pip by Karma Wilson.

  2. What great books. When we study Penquins I am going to look for these books.

    I am following you now that I found your wonderful blog.

  3. How fun!

    We did penguins last week, it's my "Preschool Corner" from last Friday! No cover pics, but I did list the penguin books we read.

    I still have to do our "What We Read This Week" post. I need to peek in bedrooms to remember which titles were hits. ;o)