Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peaceful Lunchtimes

Working on peace in my home, I pondered how to make lunchtimes more calm, especially when I have extra kiddos over.  I love conversation at the dinner table, but at lunch, it seems like we most often hear arguing and bickering.  I don't want to discourage communication, but we needed something to help make lunch a calmer activity.  I thought that music in the background might make our meal more peaceful.

First I tried Pandora.  We played the "hidden" Disney channel (type in "Alan Menken" and you'll find the Disney channel).  The kids liked hearing songs they knew from movies, but it didn't exactly lend to a peaceful atmosphere, with "Kill the Beast" playing in the background...

Then we tried Pandora for children's music (I made a channel for Laurie Berkner).  This was better, but not the best.

I love Pandora, love secular children's music and the potential for learning and fun that it brings. Please don't misunderstand me.  It just wasn't right for our lunchtime.  We love to listen other times.

Finally, I pulled out cd's of the Primary music from our church Primary Programs of years past.  What a difference!  The kids quietly chewed or sang along to the sweet and simple messages of the songs playing.  The spirit entered my home and we found peace.

I'm not saying it is perfectly peaceful at lunch (kids will be kids), but what an astonishing difference this has made.  My testimony of the power of good music has been strengthened.


  1. I too have been trying to work in some more music listening. Especially during clean up and quiet times. We got your Thank-you notes today! We have been looking forward to them after your last post. They turned out so cute.

  2. Haha. "Kill the Beast" made me laugh.