Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Veteran's Day

Our Veteran's Day turned out to be a perfect mini vacation for our family.

We began the morning with breakfast and PBS Kids on TV.  Then, we did a few fun Thanksgiving crafts together.

First, was making some indian corn.

Here's what you will need:

1/3 yellow pipe cleaner
fall colored tri beads (yellow, orange, red, brown, tan, even light blue looks nice mixed in)
small piece of raffia

Thread one bead onto the pipe cleaner and twist end around it to secure.  Thread other beads on in a random fashion until you have about 1/2 an inch of pipe cleaner exposed.  Tie a piece of raffia on the exposed end and twist the pipe cleaner over the knot to secure.

A funny little note on this project:  After I tied the raffia on the indian corn, Mr. Two didn't like it.  He kept pulling on the top and eventually pulled the raffia completely off and bent the end down, forming a crook with his beads.  I asked him why he did that.  He responded, "I didn't like that hair on it, so I pulled it off.  Now it's a candy cane."

Next activity, playdoh turkeys.

I gave my boys some tan playdoh and had them copy my simple directions to make a turkey body (well, Mr. One copied, Mr. Two used my bird). Then I gave them a handful of feathers to make the turkey's tail. 

They loved the feathers, and after adorning their birds, proceeded to make new creations with the dough and feathers.  This is an activity I will certainly pull out again.

For lunch, we picked up a drink at Sonic (Limeade chiller with coconut add in is delicious!) for everyone.  We grabbed Daddy from work and had a picnic lunch at the park.  The weather was perfect and the boys had fun running the hills and watching the ducks. 

The only thing we didn't do was ride the little train that goes around the park (cost, time, and the fact that the kids were happy running around the park were all factors).  Maybe next time.

All in all, it was a wonderful day together.  And together is always the best place to be.

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