Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I admit, I have been an ungrateful grump lately.  I've had one of those lingering bad moods off and on this past month.  My house is too small.  My kids are acting up (again).  I need more sleep.  Why can't I just lose those last 5 (or 10) pounds?  How am I ever going to finish all my projects before Christmas?

Then, Thanksgiving came. 

We started at my parents' home to cook and prepare for our feast.  I love being in the kitchen with all of those wonderful smells.  We piled the platters and bowls and people into cars and drove to meet up with our in-town family.

We celebrated at my Uncle Sterling and Aunt Paula's home on their big back patio.  We feasted on smoked turkey, cranberry relish, butterhorns, crunchy stuffing, veggies, and piles of mashed potatoes.  As the weather chilled, we filed inside for helpings of pie (pumpkin, pecan, coconut cream and chocolate) and chocolate chip cookies.  We played cards and chatted and had a wonderful day together.

As I sat down to eat all the wonderful food prepared by loving hands, surrounded by my family, on a beautiful day, I realized that I have a full plate of blessings.  I really felt full (and not just from the turkey and rolls and stuffing...).  I have all that I need and more.  Three darling children, a handsome, hard working husband, family that loves me, my faith, my health, the Savior, a free country, and so much more.

I am so grateful to have finally felt thank-full again.  I needed that.  My life is so much better when I count my blessings. 

A little inspiration here.

My goal for the Christmas season?  Keep feeling full through the holidays and to enjoy the moments that make life so beautiful.

Because life really is beautiful.

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  1. We are so glad you came, it was a lovely day. Thanks for the mashed potatos, they are my favorite. We loved playing scum with you too. I think you are a wonderful mother and it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed some times. It is good to count our blessings and have a day to remember. Thanks for the reminder to have a holiday filled full of hope, love and joy.