Friday, December 3, 2010


Three days late in posting, but I still wanted to get it up...

I had my Christmas story advent books all wrapped up before Thanksgiving and sitting on the bookshelf.  My boys have been so excited to start the book reading again.  Here is my original post and some book suggestions.  I have added two new titles this year.

I Spy a Christmas...
You know we love a good I Spy book at our house...

Merry Christmas Splat
Splat is worried that he hasn't been good enough for a gift from Santa.  See what he does to make up for it.  Good pick for the younger set.

I also put together a new advent calendar, this one has the scriptures, questions and activities that I found here.  I love this idea.  It's a simple way to keep remembering Christ and the story of his birth throughout the month of December.  Added bonus, it's a cute decoration in our home. 

Do you have any advent traditions in your home? 


  1. We would have an empty basket under the Christmas tree. During family night, we would talk about the nativity and how this is baby Jesus's bed, but it doesn't have any soft straw in it. We had to do good deeds all month and every time we did we got to put a piece of straw in the manger. Then on Christmas Eve we put a doll (baby Jesus) in his nice soft bed! I remember getting excited to do something nice so I could put straw in the "manger". :)

  2. We have several. We used to have 4 so every child could do one each day and they would rotate.
    We have a really pretty one my mom cross stitched and it has little ornaments that you you velcro onto it.
    We have a long Santa with candy that you tie on and take one off each day.
    For your future, Lego sells one that has a little lego piece in each box and makes a scene as you open each day. We got it about 4 years ago. Jordon LOVED it. We kept the boxes and did it each year for the next several years, til the boxes fell apart.
    We've done the star and chain one too from time to time.