Monday, December 6, 2010

Hello Gorgeous!

For those of you that know me, you know that I have a serious love of things feminine and vintage, and chocolate.  My birthday was filled with lots of things that fit this bill.  A flattering, gathered purple dress, jeans that make me look thinner, fabulous pewter ruffled heels, vintage inspired jewelry, a gift card to JoAnns to buy whatever I want, a great oversized purple purse, this chocolate cake.


All of these things were perfect, but my very favorite gift?  Handsome Husband has been working on this one for a while now. 

He rebuilt a vintage chandelier that was hanging out in my parents' garage.  We think it belonged to my grandparents.  It involved a lot of work (rewiring, buffing, cleaning, etc.), but the payoff was huge.  I'm not even sure about the origins of this chandelier, but I have this romantic idea of its past life.  I love the sparkle it gives to the dining room.  I am so happy I married such a handy man!  To top it off, he even designed a beautiful birthday card inspired by the light fixture.  Love!

Thank you to all who made my birthday a splendid event, especially to my husband, who really does light up my life!


  1. Wow!! It is so beautiful! Mike did a great job! It is wonderful to have handyman husbands!

  2. Happy Birthday. Sounds wonderful. The light is really lovely.

  3. Happy Birthday! The chandelier is beautiful! Glad it was a perfect birthday. :)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday - sorry we missed it! Sounds like you had a great one though! Love the chandelier!

  5. I believe I recognize that CC bag. Love Charmin Charlies! That chandelier is really gorgeous! Happy late Birthday