Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Monday night was all about family and tree trimming.  I put together a family home evening kit on the symbols of Christmas a few years ago.  This is a perfect lesson to start off tree trimming.  Interested in the details?  I'll post them at the end.

We sang a Christmas carol and had our little lesson.  I was excited that Mr. One remembered many of their meanings already.  We then let the boys have fun decorating the tree, while Mr. Three slumbered nearby. 

They loved looking at the ornaments and asking where they came from.  Can you tell where little hands can reach on our tree?

After a cup of cocoa with lots of marshmallows, it was bedtime for little boys.

Then, Mike and I finished trimming the tree.  We may have rearranged some of the original ornament placements...

Oh, the soft lights glowing on the tree.  It is just heavenly.

Symbols of Christmas FHE

Opening Song:  The Nativity Song (Children's Songbook, pg. 52)
Scripture:  Luke 2, Moses 6:63


Put up the undecorated tree.  Explain that many of the decorations and traditions we have at Christmastime are to help us remember Jesus Christ.  Explain that as they help you decorated the tree they will learn what each symbol means.  For each symbol, take turns placing the object on the tree as you explain their meaning.  Read the corresponding scriptures as you put up the decorations. (I used some Christmas clip art that I copied, colored and laminated.)

Tree:  Christmas trees are evergreen trees.  They do not die in the winter, but stay green all year through.  This is a symbol of eternal life.  Christ made it possible for us to live with him after we die.
Scripture:  Moses 1:39

Lights (small stars) and Star:  We often use lights, candles and stars in our Christmas decorations.  These represent the new star that appeared when Christ was born.
Scripture:  Matthew 2:9-10

Candy Canes:  This candy is made in the shape of a shepherd's staff.  The shepherds came to see baby Jesus.  Christ is known as the goood shepherd.
Scriptures:  Luke 2:8-9, John 10:11

Angels:  Angels announced Christ's birth to the shepherds.
Scripture:  Luke 2:10-11

Red, White and Green Ornaments:  Christmas colors are symbols of Jesus Christ.  Red represents the blood of Christ.  Green represents eternal life.  White represents the purity of Christ (he was perfect).
Scriptures:  Luke 22:44, 3 Nephi 12:48

Gifts (to put under the tree):  Gifts represent the gifts the wise men brought to the Christ child and the gift of the Savior that Heavenlty Father gave the world.


Decorate your Christmas tree together.
Here is a follow up activity that you could use also.

This is a symbol matching quiz from the Friend magazine (Dec 2009).

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  1. Thanks for the smile!!! Love where the boys put the decorations on the tree.