Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

How was your Halloween?  I hope it was all treats and no tricks!

Here's a few fun things we did to celebrate.

Friday night, we opted out of the school carnivals and enjoyed a pumpkin filled evening at home.  We picked out two plump pumpkins to carve, munched on See's marshmallow pumpkins after dinner (a favorite childhood tradition of Mike's), and watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with lots of popcorn.

Here's our finished pumpkins from a few days later.  I cannot claim any credit for these.  The boys wanted to make Lego Hero Factory pumpkins and they helped Mike pick out which characters to carve (Surge and Witch Doctor).  They scooped and cleaned, and Mike carved.  Pretty fierce!

Saturday night was our church carnival and trunk or treat.  The little boys spent the majority of the night jumping in the bounce house, almost missing the trunk or treat.  Even thought they may have missed the other games and treats, they had a ball!  Mike and I had fun watching them and visiting with church friends.  We decorated our van like a pirate ship.  Unfortunately the sail didn't make it that night (it was too big to fit in the car).  We set it up and took pictures later. :)

The whole family:  Mike is the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride, Mr. Three is the parrot to my pirate, Mr. Two is a monkey pirate and Mr. One is a Lego Space Police officer.  Gotta love my kid's imaginations!

Parrots love their candy!

Monday night, we headed to my parents' house for our traditional spooky Halloween dinner and took the kids trick or treating.  They came home a lot less tired than they should have been (sugar anyone?).  Luckily, they hit the sack with little complaint.

Oh, and one more little treat:  In case you couldn't tell in the pictures (and you haven't seen me in person lately), baby #4 is coming in April!  We are very excited.  Hence, the infrequent posting.  Sorry about that.  We'll know soon whether it is another Mr. or a Little Miss soon...


  1. You are so creative!!! Thanks for making our Halloween so fun!

  2. Wow, you and Mike are so talented! what a fun Halloween! :)