Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pumpkins, Playdough and Pinterest

Besides craving potatoes, I have also been on a big pumpkin kick.

(all of the sweets to decorate our pumpkin cookies)

We have already made pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin cookies and tonight we're having pumpkin treats for our Relief Society meeting.  I can't wait!  By the way, Sees has pumpkin pie truffles that are the perfect bite of pumpkin heaven, and Sonic's pumpkin pie shake is another great sweet fix.

Mr. Two and Mr. Three had fun playing with playdough yesterday morning.

Mr. Two made some fine feathered turkeys, too.

While the boys played with their playdough, I pinned some Thanksgiving/Fall ideas.  Is anyone else on Pinterest?  I love this site!  I can catalog all of the great ideas I find online and save them in one place without having to make my own word document lists.  As an added bonus, you can search for other great ideas that others have pinned.  I am here if you're interested. (Yes, I know I need to upload a picture.  I'm working on that...)

While Mr. Three napped, Mr. Two and I played this cute dice toss game.  He loved it (especially the candy corn eating).

A funny side note:  Mr. Three burped yesterday at lunch and said, "'Scuse me."  It was so cute! I love the starting-to-string-words-together stage.

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  1. Thanks for all the fun ideas. Cate likes play dough too, but she still tries to eat it sometimes. This girl will still be eating paste in college, I swear!