Monday, March 5, 2012

My Little Mr.'s Favorite Things

Mr. One's current favorite thing is reading, especially Lego magazines, Sunday comics and chapter books.

Mr. Two's current favorite thing is drawing and decorating his artwork with stickers.  He really likes drawing our family and writing his name.

Mr. Three's current favorite things are climbing furniture and playing in water (especially the sink with the hand soap).  He is particularly fond of climbing onto the back of the couch to play in the sink through the overpass window.  Needless to say, he also gets to stay in time out because of this, which is not a favorite thing.


  1. You forgot one! I think Umberto's favorite thing is giving high fives.

  2. Those boys are getting so big! Seriously, we need to do something to stop these kiddos from growing up! Mr. One looks so mature reading his newspaper. :) And thanks for all the cute frog activity ideas. Cate is old enough now to enjoy all of these great little games.