Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Star Wars Crafting

My boys love Star Wars, this is common knowledge.  I realized that I hadn't posted some of the fun things Mike and I have created for our Star Wars loving boys, so I'm documenting them now.

I had pinned these Star Wars peg dolls a long time ago, and decided they would make a great Christmas present for our Mr.'s.  I can't take any credit for how amazing they turned out, since all I did was buy the supplies and show Mike the pin.  He painted them all.  Didn't they turn out awesome?  I love all the details.  I found the metal lunch boxes at Old Navy and knew that they would make the perfect home for these tiny characters.

When I saw this Star Wars print at JoAnns, I knew I needed to make something for my boys, but couldn't decide what.  Then I remembered this tutorial for pillowcases, found a great geometric print that coordinated with the Star Wars print, and made pillowcases for the boys.  They were so excited about them.

Using this font as a template, I also embroidered their names on the sides, "Star Wars-style" with a deep red embroidery floss.  I love the way they turned out.

Here's a close-up of the lettering.

A few weeks ago, my brother Seth gave the boys this Star Wars cookie cutter set.  The boys were so very excited to make Death Star and X-Wing cookies.  In fact, the morning after they opened them, I am pretty sure the first words out of Mr. Three's mouth were, "I'm dressed!  Can we make Star Wars cookies now?"


We used this recipe to make the cookies and left them unfrosted.  They were delicious.  The boys liked eating them as much as playing with them.

Want more?  Here's my Star Wars Crafting pin board for inspiration.  May the Force be with you... 

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  1. I recognize that fabric! :) It was nice seeing you all, wish it could have been longer!