Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Miscellany: Splash Pad, Legos, Toothpaste and an Anniversary

Here's a list of some of our summer activities from the previous week:

* We headed to Tempe Town Lake's Splash Pad with our summer play group.  The boys loved playing in the water.  I could hardly get them to leave. 

The measure of a successful day of play is how soundly Mr. Four naps.  Mission accomplished.

* This is the preferred spot for the three oldest Mr.'s- playing Lego Star Wars on the wii.  They would seriously play all day long if I let them.  They are lucky if they get more than 45 minutes a day. ;)

*  Mr. Four was caught blue-handed the other evening.  I knew it was a little too quiet.  Then I discovered he had assembled his own "sensory tub."  He had a grand time squishing, sampling, smearing the toothpaste all over the bathroom.  It's a step up from the toilet water that he is so fond of lately at least!

* Mr. Two is so creative.  Here is just one of his Lego creations that is all kinds of awesome:  C3PO's head on a strange purple-handed monster body, riding a skeleton horse with handlebar ears, a police light saddle with a lever.  He makes things like this all the time.  You should see him in all his imaginary play glory.  I never tire of seeing what he comes up with.

* At our second outing at the movies, Hotel Transylvania, we were able to meet up with our friends and sit together.  We shared a large popcorn and sodas, and it is a good thing that we upgraded to the free refill popcorn because Mr. Four spilled both the popcorn and the soda before the movie was over.  That boy has some skills because not only did he manage to get the floor incredibly sticky, but poured a good part of the popcorn into my purse!  The older boys seemed to like the movie and from the parts I saw when I wasn't in the bathroom with Mr. Three (who is potty trained now, yes!) or getting more popcorn or chasing Mr. Four, it looked funny.

* Mike and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Saturday (Sunday was our actual anniversary).  Thankfully, several of our family members answered our plea for babysitting (our regular sitter was out of town), and we were able to go and do some temple sealings and head out to dinner just the two of us.  It was a perfect evening together.  A big thank you is in order for my sister Sarah and other family members who were bribed with oatmeal cookies, pizza and nephew time!

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  1. Your boys are so cute. I'm sure they can be a handful. Always nice to find some cool summer fun. I has been so hot!