Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrating Independence

I am a fan of the independent spirit. I admire those who take a risk and try something new. I think that creativity is highly under-appreciated. I wish I could think outside the box more.

Andrew must feel the same way.

He triumphantly bounded out of his room yesterday, wearing this creative ensemble, and announced,"Look, I got dressed ALL BY MYSELF!"

How can you critique that kind of enthusiasm?

I would have put him in a short sleeved shirt and jeans. It's a little more appropriate for the slightly breezy, beautiful spring weather we are enjoying.

I would have picked out something that matched, and didn't remind me of a Christmas decoration.

I would have spruced up his hair, had him put on his glasses and made him wear plain white socks.

I would have squashed his creativity that day.

But, I didn't.

Instead, I stifled my laugh and turned it into a genuine smile. I looked into those bright, proud eyes, and I exclaimed, "You got dressed all by yourself! I am so proud of you!" Let's let Daddy take your picture to remember this moment.

As we walked in to my parents' home for dinner that evening, I explained that Andrew dressed himself, and shouldn't we all be so proud of his accomplishment. I know a lot of us wanted to laugh. We wanted to point out how unusual his clothing choices were. Andrew will look at this picture when he's older and roll his eyes at his funny clothing choice.

This day, we chose to admire and celebrate that wonderful independent spirit.

That does not mean I won't give him some pointers in clothing coordination and style in the future. I will still insist on helping him get ready for the day, at least to some degree. But I love the fact that he knows he can do things on his own and feel the satisfaction of making his own choices.


  1. Isn't his face just precious? ;) Man, that kid is getting big!

  2. this is my fave time when they start doing things on their own but also sad because i enjoy getting them dressed. they grow too fast