Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Weight Loss Plan

If you want easy weight loss solutions that don't involve paying for a gym membership, I have two suggestions:

One, entertain a toddler in your home.

Two, teach P.E. for an elementary school.

Due to the lovely recession and our drastically reduced income, I have been taking more subbing jobs at the school I used to teach kindergarten at. I typically take k-3 jobs, but was asked to sub for P.E. on Monday.

Sure, no sweat.

Wait. P.E.? No sweat?

Maybe not.

Let me tell you, friends, if you know a P.E. teacher, give that busy man or woman a hug. Thank them for volunteering to wear themselves out for such little pay every school day, and actually looking like they are enjoying it. I am not kidding, that job is a LOT of work. People thought I was crazy for teaching kindergarten and LOVING it! Give me a room full of 5 year olds and a paint project any day...

At least on Monday I didn't feel guilty about skipping out of exercising.


  1. Wow, that does sound exhausting. How long will you sub? or was it just for the day.

  2. p.e. would be a fun easy way to lose weight lol so awesome that you got a blog look forward to reading your updates