Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer in a Jar

This past Friday, I got a jump on summer.

Not the 120 degree heat-fest summer of Arizona. More like the high country, green trees, cool breeze, lazy days, relaxing summer I pretend to enjoy when I have my AC cranked up in my car waiting for the steering wheel to "cool off" enough to not give me second-degree burns on my palms.

I helped my mom make freezer jam.

Fresh strawberries+ sugar+Sure-Jell=Summer in a Jar.

Standing in my parents' kitchen, chatting with mom, making jam while my little boys ran around and played in the cupboard, was a welcome escape from the housework that had been calling earlier in the week. What a happy way to spend the afternoon.

The smell of fresh strawberries was heavenly.

Now I have several Jars of Summer stashed in my freezer.

A perfect antidote for the winter blues.

If they last that long...


  1. Ha! So cute and fun and talented you are. Love strawberry freezer jam!

  2. It was fun wasn't it. There is something so fulfilling about several jars of homemade strawberry jam. You just can't be without it!!! Thanks for spending the time with me. It is so much more fun to work together as we listened to the pots and pans band of the boys!!

  3. I love strawberry freezer jam. You are right, it always tastes and smells fresh. Yum.