Monday, March 16, 2009

Super Kids

So, if my children are superheroes, does that make me a supermom? I can always pretend.

This Sunday morning, I was witness to one of those magical little moments in motherhood. My boys were playing together.

Without any crying, hitting, grunting or arguing.

For more than one minute.

I made the superhero capes for Andrew's Halloween costume and a Christmas gift. He is normally pretty possessive of his stuff and doesn't like to share.

But today, he helped Ben put one of his capes on and they saved the world.


No bad guys today. Just happy little superbrothers. That's my favorite kind of superhero.

If I could be supermom, I think my superpower would be to create more happy moments like this one... and clean the house with a simple wave of my hand (a girl can wish, right?).


  1. Diana they look so cute!! And was that before or after Ben got a fat lip?

  2. i wish my kids would play nice together lol kearsty just looooves to pick on olivia but olivia keeps going back for more drives me nuts