Friday, April 10, 2009

More Craftiness

While I feel a bit guilty that Andrew's Easter offerings aren't nearly as elaborate as his brothers, I think he will enjoy them all the same. (Besides, we just celebrated his birthday, and he made out like a bandit then.)

I found the idea for making lacing cards out of foam on one of my favorite crafty sites, Little Birdie Secrets. (Why didn't I think of that?!) I die cut the foam at a scrapbooking store to save Andrew the struggle of trying to figure out just what his mommy was trying to create out of these pieces of foam. Seriously, I am a terrible free-hand sketcher.

I can draw fish, luckily, so I made the fishing game without the help of the trusty die cut machine. My creative mother in law made a similar drawstring bag for a previous birthday gift, so I carefully studied hers and figured out how to make my own. I had leftover ocean fabric, so it was perfect. The fish are two pieces of felt sewn together and the eyes are scrapbooking brads. (I had to find something for the eyes that was magnetic, so I slipped a magnet into my purse, threw my kids in the shopping cart and went all through JoAnn's testing buttons, snaps, brads, etc. to see what would work. I must have looked positively crazy.) The pole is a dowel cut in half and a magnet glued on the end of some twine.

Ben has one more gift that is almost finished. The Big One. The crazy project I have been working on for several months now. I'll post it soon.

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