Thursday, March 11, 2010

Highway Letters

Here's my handmade gift for Mr. One's birthday.  He had often complains that I never make quiet books for him, so here's my big boy version of a quiet book.  (Although I forsee this being a not-so-quiet book with the car racing noises that must go on while using it...)

I found the template and idea here at Making Learning Fun.  If you're interested in this project, make sure to see the Dr. Jean link about how to extend the use of these cards.

Basically, you print out the letters on black cardstock, cut and glue them onto another piece of cardstock.  (They also have a version you can print on white paper, but that used too much ink for my liking.)  I laminated them for durability and hole punched them on the top, and bound the book with two 1 1/2" binder rings.  That way you can still pull the letters out of order and make words to practice if you don't want to keep it in book form.  I changed it just slightly by using white out correcting tape to mark the road lines to make them stand out better.  (The yellow ink road lines don't really show up on the black construction paper.)

He is going to love "driving" along the letters and I'm secretly hoping to get some good letter formation practice out of him!

If you have a car lover in your house, go and make a set for your home, too!

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  1. I think my Jeffrey would like this....I can always count on your blog for great ideas!