Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mr. One is Five!

Earlier this week, Mr. One celebrated his fifth birthday.  This is a new stage for our family to have a child old enough to really understand birthdays and the excitement and anticipation that comes with them.  I think we have been on the countdown for at least a month now.

Here's a little synopsis of the birthday fun for the week.

On Sunday, we had our traditional Carpenter family birthday dinner.  On the Sunday closest to the actual birthday, the birthday boy or girl gets to choose their dinner and dessert.  The honoree also gets the special birthday plate to eat off of and the "birthday bear" to rest on the plate.  Mr. One chose macaroni and cheese, green grapes and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  While the kiddos enjoyed their mac and cheese, the adults had lasagna (I know, we cheated a bit).  Unfortunately, there were not good green grapes at the grocery store, but we did make sure to have some super chocolatey cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.  He's a boy after my own chocolate-loving heart.

A day early, we let him open his gifts from his grandparents (our family in town had obligations on his actual birthday evening, so they came over the night before and his birthday package had come early in the mail from his California grandparents).  He was excited for the new games, movies and a "rock star" shirt. Both sets of grandparents are so great at picking out things that are just right.

On his actual birthday, he woke up to birthday greetings on the wall above his bed.  (Mike, Mr. Two and I had fun making them after he had gone to sleep the night before).  It was a school day, so he brought juice boxes to preschool and his classmate, who shares the same birthday, brought cookies to share with the class.

After school, we headed to Krispy Kreme for a free dozen glazed doughnuts.  The boys loved going in and watching the doughnuts being made.  Mr. One jubilantly told the cashier it was his birthday and that he was five.  He then was handed the giant box of doughnuts and a paper hat, graciously said thank you and walked out of the store with an ear to ear grin.

After a little pre-lunch doughnut and milk, we braved the pouring rain and met Mike for lunch at Sonic. We rarely eat out, so this was a special treat.  We ate together in the car and visited before Mike had to head off to work again.  We played games in the afternoon as Mr. Two napped. 

That evening, we made pizza, "just cheese" as per his request.  Mr. One opened presents, loving each one like it was a priceless treasure.  He especially loved his new Hot Wheels Corvette and Leak Less trailer.  (He's still on a big cars kick.)  Mr. Two "helped" unwrap the gifts.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and he blew out the candles (again) on the last of the chocolate cake, then ate a piece for dessert.  Yum!

This weekend, we will have a small party with some of his friends.  He is so excited!  ("When are my guests coming?")  Time for some house cleaning and prep-work for Mike and I...

Oh, to be five and be truly grateful for anything new and out of the ordinary.  Happy Birthday, sweet little boy!


  1. Look at those happy boys with their Krispy Kreme hats and chocolate cake. (That was some pretty awesome cake...) Happy Birthday Nephew A! :)

  2. Happy birthday to Mr One! It sounds like he had a perfect birthday week!