Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Fun and Games Links

I wanted to share a few new links to more winter preschool activities that we have been enjoying at our house (besides the ones already under my winter tag).


Confessions of a Homeschooler's S is for Snowman post has lots of great printables.  Our favorite?  The prewriting skills printables.  I laminated, cut them into strips and hooked them together with an o-ring.  After adding a marker to the bag, I have a great activity bag activity, for home or on the go.

This winter fun packet from Musings of Me has lots of ideas.  My favorite?  The winter colors book.  This one is on our to do list for the week.  Also on the to do list, the Snowball Fight game.

We love penguins and goldfish crackers at our house, so the penguin fish cracker count from Making Learning Fun is a great fit.

Here are two more snowman activities from Making Learning Fun.

Collecting Snowballs was a big hit with my preschooler this week.  I love that there are two sets of playing cards to choose from, depending on your child's age and ability.   I would recommend using smaller counters for this game (the cotton balls are too big).  We used small florist stones as our "snowballs" or for a fun snack, use mini marshmallows.

This emergent reader, The Snowman Melting, is a fun little rhyme to teach your preschooler.  I plan on putting this story together with some o-rings, so the pages can be separated.  This would make it a great sequencing activity after reading the story.

Today's a half day for Mr. One, so I'm off soon to pick him up and have some fun together this afternoon.  

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