Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

Excuse my lack of posting for the past few weeks.  Last week, we spent time in California with family and I have spent the majority of this week getting settled back in and getting ready for school to start NEXT WEEK!

Our first vacation stop was in Calimesa to spend a few days with family there.  We drove over late Sunday night and crashed.  On Monday, we basically hung out, playing games and visiting all day.  Mike got his Risk fix with a marathon game that lasted hours and hours.  The boys loved playing Legos and running around with cousins.  We headed to a nearby park for a picnic with hot dogs and s'mores.  Wow, was it amazing to be outside in the early evening and have such perfect weather! 

The kids loved playing on playground equipment that didn't scorch their little rumps and climbing the trees. 

I loved sitting in the sunshine without sweating and watching my kids have so much fun.  Of course the chatting and the s'mores were a big bonus as well. 

The boys may have eaten more than their fair share of the marshmallows during the s'mores cooking.

Lego Tips from my sister-in-law!!

While in Calimesa, my boys poured over some Lego magazines that their cousins had in the house.  My sister in law clued me in on some great Lego "insider" tips.  Did you know that Lego puts out a magazine, and you can order a FREE 2 year subscription here?  Yes, it's mainly a big advertisement for their products, but my boys loved reading and rereading them at their cousins' home.  There are building tips and comics and lots of other Lego activities inside.  They have a version for younger children and one for the 7+ set.  Also, if you have lost or have broken Lego pieces from recently produced sets, you can reorder those pieces here.  Hooray for that!  Thanks, Renee!

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  1. Brendon is a HUGE risk fan and I'm sure would be up for a game sometime if Mike wants to play. What is it with guys and risk? Sterling loves that game too.