Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Vacation Continued: Tuesday in San Diego

We drove to San Diego to stay with my sister in law for the next part of our trip.  Carla just purchased a home in San Diego, and even though it is still in the middle of renovation, it is already so cute!

Tuesday after lunch, we headed down to Imperial Beach, along with Mike's brothers Dan and Josh.

 First stop, Cow-A-Bunga Micro Ice Creamery.  Oh yummy!

I had peanut butter brownie and mint cookie in a waffle cone.  Mr. Three loved it as well!

The boys gobbled up some rainbow sherbet.

Mike had the cheesecake and pistachio.  Their flavors are not overly sweet, but full of flavor.  After our ice cream, we wandered along the pier and saw a group of dolphins.

Can you see them in the picture?  Squint a bit.  There they are!  There were lots of people fishing off the pier.  My kids were so excited to see some freshly caught fish as we wandered.

We had to play around on the rocks and sand and then pose for the camera at the Imperial Beach entry sculpture.  It was much too breezy to get in the water.

Next stop was the Mormon Battalion Museum.  They have recently redone the entire building and it is more kid-friendly.  The first thing you do is to go on an interactive video tour of the Mormon Battalion trail. There are talking pictures and sister missionaries who guide you along the trail and explain some of the things that happened.  You move through rooms, representing the different points of the journey, and at the end, there is a picture spot, some computers set up to see more history and geneology of members of the Mormon Battalion.  Lastly, outside, you can wash some clothes on a wash board, pump water, pan for gold, build with bricks and take a climb up to a lookout tower to see all of Old Town.

My boys loved the outdoor activities. 

Mr. One and Mr. Two had fun panning for gold and building with the bricks.

It's never too early to instill the importance of washing the laundry.

I couldn't get Mr. Three away from the water.

Outside the museum is a covered wagon and statues, so of course, we had to take a few pictures.

That evening, we met up with Mike's parents for dinner at Casa Guadalajara.  All of the reviews were positive, praising the authentic Guadalajara cuisine.  The place was very busy, and the building was lovely, so we thought this would be a great spot to eat.  Mike and his dad (who both served missions in Guadalajara, Mexico) were especially looking forward to the food.

Patiently waiting.

Still waiting...

Let's just say the wait was long (as in over an hour to get seated).  The service was really awful (30 minutes just to get drinks and take our order).  The food was ok (definitely not authentic), but the restaurant itself was beautiful.  The weather was perfect, and the company was wonderful.  Next time, we'll be researching for a better dinner spot.  The rest of the day certainly made up for the little disappointment in our end of day meal.

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  1. How fun!! I really want to go to that Cow-A-Bunga Micro Ice Creamery. Yum. :) Number 3 really knows how to sell ice cream and make it look delicious. Too bad the dinner wasn't that great, but it still sounds like you all had a fun time in Cali.