Friday, October 1, 2010

... And Sour

Dear Pirate Booty,

You bouyed me up during pregnancy with your cheese-flavored puffed corn goodness.  I often sat with my little boys, munching away on a bag of "pirate popcorn", in white cheddar happiness.  I thought I could trust you when I found you had expanded your list of flavors.  To me, "veggie" conjures up memories of good things like veggie cream cheese (delicious), veggie crackers (also yummy) and spinach dip (awesome).

Your veggie flavored snack food needs to walk the plank.  Those lovely little puffs somehow mutate into a mass of strange shrimp-like creatures strangled in stinky seaweed.  One whiff and I was taken back to the salty sea, and not in a good way.  In the future, I will stick to my tried and true aged white cheddar.  If this is eating healthy, I think I'd rather stay hungry.



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