Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Monday was our first day of October Break.  Since we are not going on a vacation, we'll do some fun things each day together. Here are some of the highlights from Monday.

The morning began with a rushed start, getting myself and three boys ready for the day.  We met a friend (with her two boys) at JoAnn's (what were we thinking?) at 9:30 am.

The good news is we found most of the materials we were looking for (I'll explain our Massive Christmas Project later).  It didn't take all day, and we left in one piece, with all children in tow.

The bad news is, we totally turned into That Mom in the process.  You know, That Mom, the one who is more concerned about matching patterns and figuring out yardages and sale prices than making sure that her children are quietly standing by.  That Mom, who's children decide to run races down the costume fabrics isle, practically mowing over old ladies with their patchwork quilt tops?  That Mom, who bribes said wild children with Fruit Snack and Skittles, just to keep the youngest ones in the shopping cart and the oldest ones from running amok?  That Mom, who is balancing a baby on one hip, and two bolts of fabric on the other, while pulling a shopping cart from behind?

Oh yea, but These Moms at least got a great deal on fabric.

After surviving the fabric store, we took a little detour to a party supply store next to JoAnn's.  We went up and down the isles, looking at the Halloween items (and avoiding the really gory, scary stuff... what sick person actually likes that?).  Then, as we hit the 10 and 25 cent bins, I had an idea:  let the boys pick an item and use it as leverage for good behavior this week.  I told them they would each have to earn their prize.  Fabulous!  Mr. One wanted a small skateboard.  Mr. Two picked a bouncy ball. 

We then ate at Grammie's house and headed to Sam's Club for groceries.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. One went with a friend to the park, while Mr. Two made a pretend "popcorn dinner with popcorn drinks" (can you tell what our favorite food might be?), and Mr. Three fussed while I attempted to get dinner together.

Handsome Husband arrived home early (hooray!) to play with the boys so I could finish dinner (alfredo pizza with tomatoes and "Jamba Juice").


Monday night means FHE, so Handsome Husband gave our lesson.  After General Conference, we decided that we wanted to focus this month on gratitude, after hearing our prophet, Pres. Monson give this talk.  We read and discussed the scriptures referenced in his talk (including the ten lepers).  After lesson was treat time.  I made this caramel sauce which we dipped our apple slices in for dessert.  They boys gobbled up the caramel and the apples.  A perfect fall finish for our day.

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