Friday, October 22, 2010

One of Those Days

You know those days when your best laid plans stay that way.
Just best laid plans.
That was today.
I woke up late.
The kids were grumpy.
The baby decided not to take a nap.
I rushed out the door in the morning, three kids in tow, with only one absolute have-to-get item in mind to purchase.
Realized I needed gas in the car.
Made several wrong turns.
Didn't find the one item I had to get, and left stores empty handed.
Rushed to pick up my five year old at lunch time (it was a half day for school).
Made lunch while baby screamed and other children teased each other to tears.
Watched as aforementioned lunch ended up splattered all over the dining room floor.
Let children run amok while feeding the baby (so at least one child would not be crying).
Prayed for time to speed up so that I could unload children at Grammie's house to go to parent teacher conferences with Handsome Husband.
As the time comes, I gladly shut the door on the macaroni and cheese, toy-strewn floors and messy bedrooms.

Then, conference time.
Adult interaction!
Mr. One is doing very well academically and is charming and well behaved in class.
Laughed with teachers.
Walked out the door holding my husband's hand.
Heaved a sigh of relief that something went right today.

Collected kids from Grammie's house.
Went to Sonic for dinner.
Sat on the living room floor, picnic style to eat and watch "How to Train Your Dragon."
Finally laughed and smiled with my family.
Forgot, at least for a little while how worthless I felt earlier.
Put the kids to bed with smiles and thank you's on their lips.
Said a prayer of thanks for those smiles.
I needed them tonight.

Maybe my day wasn't so bad after all.

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