Friday, October 15, 2010

October Break, Day Three

Wednesday was IKEA day. 

Since I was the only one who had eaten there previously, we thought it would be fun to try out the restaurant.  After Mike got home from work, we drove out to IKEA.  We ate first.  The boys loved the mac and cheese and the cookies.  Mike tried the meatball plate and me the chicken tenders (I should have been more healthy and ordered a salad...).  We also shared a piece of chocolate overload cake (the best part!).  Mr. Two managed to spill half of his chocolate milk all down his shirt and shorts.  Mr. One decided their mac and cheese wasn't as good as Kraft and ate my chicken and applesauce.  Mr. Three had a bottle and a bit of applesauce, and enjoyed sitting in the high chair watching the rest of the family eat.  Even with the few mishaps, it was a fun dinner.  We seldom eat out, so this was a big treat for the kids, and for under $20.00, we couldn't really beat the price.  

After eating, we wandered around the store.  I love seeing the different set ups, and always leave with new ideas for our own home, or for the elusive "future home".  The kids love sitting in the chairs and beds, and playing with the toys in the children's area.  We purchased some new plastic kiddie bowls and plates (ours are always disappearing...) and a pair of cutting boards. Then we took everyone home, bathed, prayed and read scriptures and tucked the babes into bed.   Good times.

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