Friday, October 1, 2010


Mr. Two finally filled up his sticker chart (for using the big boy potty) and earned his "Dragon Lightning."  He has been so excited about this (and I'm excited he's finally getting the hang of the toilet!).  Yesterday, we placed the last sticker on the chart.  With a big grin on both of our faces, I gave him his prized car.  After playing with it for a few seconds he said to me, "When (Mr. One) gets home, I'm going to share my Dragon Lightning with him."

True to his word, the second they got into the house after picking Mr. One up from school, sweet little Mr. Two handed him his prize and said, "Here, you can play with my car, too."

Even sweeter, Mr. One, after wiping the huge smile off his face (because he really wanted to play with the new car), promptly went into his car bucket and pulled out his "Tokyo Mater" and handed it to his brother.  He then said, "Now you can be Tokyo Mater and I'll be Dragon Lightning!  Let's play!"

Then they happily motored around the front room and kitchen.

It's moments like these that you just want to bottle up and keep forever.  Brother love is priceless.

Lesson learned:  Giving (and sharing) really is even better than receiving.

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  1. What a sweet story. Please remember this when they are not quite so loving! Love the pictures of that angel face.