Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Game Fail

I found this cute Christmas tree game last year, laminated it and had it ready for my boys to play.  They weren't interested then, so I pulled it out for the family to play tonight.  It started out fine, but Mike and I soon realized that there were just as many "go back" cards as "move forward" ones.  Needless to say, we were stuck at start and not really moving as we went through the cards a few times.  Not fun.

Game fail.

I'm ditching the cards next time.  I'll either be making my own (with just 3 or 4 bad luck cards and at least 12 good cards), or just using a cube with numbers 0 to 4 and one lose a turn space to determine how many spaces to go.  So, fair warning:  If you want to print this game out, the game board is cute, but be prepared to do some modifying.

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