Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?  We're decorating the house, hoping to get the tree up soon, and I have visions of sugary sweets dancing in my head.

Our book advent is ready (you can see by this picture that Mr. Three couldn't wait for the fun to begin, so our first story is unwrapped).

Our scripture advent is hung and ready to use.

I'm going to attempt to post at least one fun activity we have done at our house to celebrate the season each day, so I hope you'll come back and visit!

Here's a little activity I did with my Mr. Two who is almost four years old.

You will need:

small seasonal items (I have a bunch of miniature ornaments and some holiday shaped buttons)
a paper and pen/pencil to make your letters and boxes

I chose six items that started with different letters to begin.  I wrote each letter above six boxes.

We went through the items, naming each one (I knew he wouldn't know holly without help).

He then named each item and placed them in the correct box.  He really seemed to like this activity, and it was fairly simple, so I decided to expand it.

Next, I gave him a pile of miniatures and let him go through to find other items that started with the six letters on his sheet.  This was a much bigger challenge, but he enjoyed finding more items to go in his boxes.

Hope your holidays are off to a great start!

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