Friday, December 2, 2011

What Christmas is Really About

We sincerely want to help our boys understand that Christmas is about so much more than presents and goodies.  We want them to know about Christ's birth and life and to reach out and care for others as He did and still does for us.

We were able to pick out an ornament off of the angel tree at school to help some of the needy families in our community.  Tonight we wrapped the gift and got it ready to drop off on Monday.  I hope they feel good inside knowing they could help someone have a nicer Christmas, even if it is just one small gift.
This past Monday for Family Home Evening, we spent time talking about the Nativity.  We have a Little People nativity set and a nativity magnet set that our boys can play with.  Mike had them find and hold the different pieces as he told them the story of Jesus' birth.  I think it was the perfect beginning to the Christmas season.

Last night, we found the Little People nativity set up just like this.  I noticed Mr. One playing with it last evening before bed, but didn't notice how he had left it.  I love how he placed all of the pieces to look at the baby Jesus.  Isn't that perfect?  I hope we can continue to have that spirit of worship and reverence in our home.

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  1. I think it was Brendon that did that to ours, maybe Kevra too. They said they all needed a good view of the baby. So sweet, simple love for the Savior.