Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Few Christmas Odds and Ends

I have been spending as much time during naps and kiddo's bedtimes catching up on Christmas projects.  We've been baking, sewing, crafting, cleaning, budgeting, and planning at our house.

I have the teacher gifts completed.

I still have a few more handmade projects to finish (or start...), starting with a stocking for Mr. Three.

We baked treats for my extended family Christmas dinner (yummy Mexican food) that was this past Sunday.  Here's a snippet of what I made.  Warning, share these babies, because you will be tempted to finish them off yourself, and your waistline will not be happy!

From the top going clockwise:  cran-pistachio cookies, white chocolate cashew fudge, double dark chocolate pomegranate cookies.

We watched these two Christmas videos last night for FHE to put us in the Christmas spirit.  They are reminders that the best gifts we can give to the Savior are gifts of service and love for our fellow men. 

Wise Men Still Seek Him and The Coat

I'm looking forward to having my kids out of school and for Mike to have some time off of work so we can enjoy being all together.

Hoping everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday and remembering to spread Christmas cheer all through the week!


  1. Cran pistachio are definitely my favorite.

  2. I watched both the videos. Wow, thank you. We will be watching them at our house too. And the recipes too.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your little ones.