Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr. Two's Birthday and a Christmas Piano Recital

This weekend was a combination of birthday celebrating, some Christmas shopping and a holiday piano recital.

Friday was birthday time for Mr. Two.  My mom watched Mr. Three so I could help in Mr. Two's classroom that afternoon.  He loved having me there, and I loved being there with him.  I helped the class do some crayon art and helped pass out birthday cupcakes.

Mr. Two wanted two things for his birthday:  an army cake and hot dogs.  It was a perfect dinner for him.  Want to know how I made the cake?  Go here.  I was so excited to see how well it turned out.

One of his gifts was a little bag of toy solidiers.  I made the bag out of unbleached muslin that I added a freezer paper stencil to.  I used the Dock 51 font for the lettering and Mike helped design the star logo.

As he opened each present, he seemed genuinely excited about each one.  I love how grateful this little guy is.  He liked each gift he unwrapped and played with all of them.

Mr. One was really excited to help him build this Lego set we found for Mr. Two and they played with it for a long time together.

The Hot Wheels Toy Story track and remote control car were also big hits.  There have been lots of shouts of, "To infinity and beyond!" and big giggles at our house for the past several days with these two toys alone.

Saturday was the Christmas Piano Recital.  Each student played a different Christmas song.  It was nice, short and fun to listen to.  Mr. One did a wonderful job.

Here's video of his song (for those that are interested).  He played Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.


After the recital, my parents and sister were nice enough to watch the kids so Mike and I could finish up some Christmas shopping.  (Thank you!)  Ahh, alone time, even if it's running errands!

Then we all headed to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  A family favorite.

Our Christmas shopping is almost done.  Fingers crossed we can be finished in the next few days!  Then I can focus on the wrapping and finishing up a few homemade projects.


  1. What a cool cake! You are so creative. And Happy Birthday to Mr. 2! We all watched the piano recital clip, it was very nice. Mr. 3 looks so serious up there. :)

  2. Did I say Mr. 3? I meant Mr. 1 looks so serious up there, oops!